Finding Work

Here are some websites and platforms that are useful when looking for work as an artist in Canada.

Finding Employment

Many of the websites listed above have regular newsletters. We recommend subscribing to their newsletters so you can be up to date on job and workshop opportunties in your community. 


Finding Auditions

Check out our page on Posting and Finding Auditions!


Newsletters are not only great ways to find work, they can also be ways of keeping up-to-date on events in the community. We also recommend subscribing to the newsletters of companies you are interested in working with! 


Other Tips and Tricks

  • Like, follow and subscribe to newsletters of companies and organizations you're interested in working with. Chances are that when opportunities come up, they will post on their website or through their newsletter first


  • Work In Culture has put together a click-through list of tips and tools to help you build your career as you are job searching, changing careers, or starting out as an emerging professional. Find it here.


  • Having a hard time negotiating for yourself? Jessica Hische created an invaluable Client Email Helper that generates email responses to help you say “no” to free and low-budget work and to help ask for more favorable contract terms before the start of a project. Try it out!


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