Marketing for Deaf Audiences

Where to Promote your Work

Interpreters are not allowed to do the promotion. You need to invite Deaf audiences to see your work. Some places to promote your work are:
Deaf Spectrum
Deaf Connect
Ontario Association of the Deaf (OAD) - send your event info, including images, to Office{at}DeafOntario.ca for posting
CreativeUsers.Net - send an email to info{at}creativeusers.net with your event listing - it will go on their website and may also go in their newsletter
Accessing the Arts Event Listing by Creative Users
Live Theatre for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Facebook Group
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) - but be sure to post consistently and regularly, not just once

Try using hashtags like:
#deafskills, #deafart, #DeafTalent #DeafSpectrum #ASLToronto #DeafCanada #DeafToronto #DeafOntario #DeafFriendly #DeafAccessibility


The best way to reach Deaf audiences is by creating a ASL vlog promoting your show. This is a way for Deaf audiences to learn and get excited about a performance in their own language. Deaf Spectrum provides this service, but be sure to contact them early, as these things take time!

Other things to consider when creating inclusive marketing:

  1. Use simple language
  2. Include key information only
  3. Avoid using too much English
  4. Think of who you are marketing to

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