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The Professional Association of Canadian Theatres is a service organization for professional theatre companies across the country. The organization acts as a collective voice for its member companies. For example, PACT represents Canadian Theatres in negotiations for the Canadian Theatre Agreement (CTA) with the Canadian Actor’s Equity Association (CAEA).

PACT is an association for professional theatre companies only; this means that all artists your company engages must receive payment for their work.

Types of Memberships

You have to apply for your company to be a member of PACT. There are four types of memberships, Regular, Commercial, Associate, and Affliiate.

Regular & Commercial

Regular and Commercial Members agree to operate under relevant agreements negotiated by PACT, including the CTA. These members have full voting rights on all PACT business.


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Affliate Member do not wish to operate under relevant agreement negotiated by PACT. These members can vote on PACT business with the exception of labour relations issues.


PACT's annual conference offers networking, professional development, and open forum opportunities. It is held in a different Canadian city each year. It is a hub for conversations that have occurred throughout the calendar year and offers frameworks for new discussion, debate and collaboration.
Your company does not have to be a PACT member to attend PACT CON.