Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada

Music Users

When looking to use music in performance, you may need to check in with The Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN). SOCAN is a member service organization that distributes royalties to Canadian music composers, authors, and publishers. All venues will have SOCAN licenses to play music in the general space (like background music, or the radio). If you have popular music in your show, you will need to look into getting licensing for your production. Composition rights are usually handled with SOCAN, but the recording rights are taken care of at Re:Sound

SOCAN has a very useful license finder and calculator that can help you determine what kind of license your project requires. We recommend that you email a SOCAN representative with your request details before filling out a form to make sure you are applying for the right tariff.

Ready to fill out the form? Head to Endtandem, a SOCAN and Re:Sound joint venture created to simplify the licensing process.

Music Talent

SOCAN works with songwriters, composers, music producers, publishers and new talent to help them get paid for their work. SOCAN members receive royalties when their music is performed on the radio, on TV, in concert, in film, in bars, digitally, internationally, and much more. Certain memberships are free for folks who apply online. Find out more about the application process and who is eligible to be a SOCAN member here.

Resources for Music Talent

The Creators’ Toolbox is a convenient one-stop-shop that gives music creators and publishers access to valuable information on an array of industry-related topics.

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