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How is this going? ArtistProducerResource.com has been live for nearly five years (!!!) so we think it's time to check in. Spend 10-15 minutes responding to questions about your experience using this website, and you'll be entered to win one of five $50 cash prizes as a thank you!


Not sure where to start? Use the Self-Producing Checklist or Being Produced Checklist for a chronological list of producing considerations to help guide you through your next (or current) project. Learning Pathways are composed of ArtistProducerResource.com pages, YouTube videos, templates, infographics, and other fun things meant to deepen your knowledge and understanding on a particular theme.


Browse ArtistProducerResource.com by topic by clicking through the buttons below. These topics also correspond with the orange drop-down menus as you navigate away from the home page. Think of these topics as tree trunks: each topic area branches into smaller subtopics, so you can narrow your learning by focusing on different areas of consideration within each topic.


ArtistProducerResource.com is an open-source project that is produced by and for you! We're always looking for contributors who are deeply invested in and committed to live performance. Support our work by making a recurring or one-time financial contribution, or by contributing content.


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