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ArtistProducerResource.com is an open source resource, made by artists for artists as a place to share knowledge, resources, tools, and best practices for producing independent performance work in Canada (starting with a focus on Toronto). While we endeavour to keep this information up to date and accurate, we do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information on this site. Please use at your own risk and adapt as necessary to best serve your own artistic practice.

We hope this resource inspires you with the confidence, content and creativity to make smart producing decisions that best serve your production, artists, audiences and yourself.

ArtistProducerResource.com was initially developed through funding from the Canada Council for the Arts and Toronto Arts Council’s Open Door program and our founding sponsors Artbooks and Smart Money.

We would also like to thank our founding contributors and individuals who made this project become a reality: Michael Wheeler, Camila Diaz-Varela, Katie Leamen, Kristina Lemieux, Alison Wong, Kevin Matthew Wong, Isaac Campbell and Alison Bowie of Techne, Dhulfiqar (Dolf) Gshayyish, Ryan Weatherby, Brian Postalian, Ruthie Luff, Pip Bradford, Monique Renaud, Sabrina Bandali, Aaron Willis, Rose Hopkins, Emma Westray, Shayne Lovsin-Couture, Jasmine Knox, Ginger Scott, and more to come.

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