There are several ways to secure funding for artistic projects. No two projects are funded the same way, and so, unfortunately, there is no singular roadmap to acquiring funds.

Below are links to several different means of finding funding. Think of them as tools in your artistic producing toolbox - as artistic producer, you will have to figure out what funding avenues will work best for your project. Some projects have really great crowdfunding potential - others don't. You may be able to write a strong grant application, or know a private donor who is very invested in supporting projects like yours.

If you are looking for funding for a specific type of project – like a tour, or a new community partnership – head to those pages. There is often project-specific funding details included on pages when relevant.

Grant Writing

Explore different aspects of resourcing artistic work through grants.

Public Funders

A brief description of the three different levels of government funding in Canada.

Private Funders

A short list of the private foundations in the arts serving Toronto and Ontario.

Corporate Sponsorship

Partnering with businesses to make your production possible.

Fundraising Events

An exciting way for your audience and community to engage with your company.

Online Fundraising

Creating an online fundraising campaign for many people to support your work.

Donations & Tax Receipts

What you need to know for your donors and for your company.

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