Learning Pathways

Learning pathways are comprised of ArtistProducerResource.com pages, YouTube videos, templates, infographics, and other fun things meant to deepen your knowledge and understanding on a particular theme. From January until September 2021, Generator will be releasing a new learning pathway every month on our blog.

Explore learning pathways below:


Personal Organization & Business Management

This pathway takes you through Personal Finance & Planning, Information Management, Websites, and a Contracts Overview on ArtistProducerResource.com, with some YouTube videos and downloadable templates for you to make your own. The total read/watch time is approximately 2.5 hours.

For a more narrative guide through the pathway listed below, you can read Online Content Producer Keshia Palm's introduction to this pathway on Generator's blog

Length of time: 2.5 hours including YouTube playlist
Created by: Keshia Palm


YouTube Videos/Playlist:


Further learning:


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