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  • Diversité Artistique à Montréal (DAM) - services offered only in French. DAM offers career counseling for organizations, and supports and provides tools to its members in areas that include pairing cultural diversity with the company's values, practices and strategy.
  • Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO) - CPAMO is a movement that works with Indigenous and racialized artists residing and working in Ontario and seeks opportunities for them within communities as well as with arts organizations.
  • York Region Arts Council (YRAC) - The YRAC works to support artists who reside within York Region and is the only organization that does so in York Region. They offer a series of industry workshops and their staple Artrepreneur program which gives artists residing in York Region skills that they may need to bring their arts organization/company to the next level.
  • Trinity St.Paul's - Trinity St.Paul's is a community arts hub based in Toronto that supports the work of artists through rehearsal and performance space, gathering spaces, and classes.
  • New Blue Dance - for emerging dance artists who are seeking relationship building with other artists and organizations, as well as links to specific workshops and events for building your dance career.
  • Dance Umbrella of Ontario - Communication services for dance artists and organizations seeking support
  • Dancer Transition Resource Centre (DTRC) - for artists transitioning into or out of their professional performance careers and a resource centre for the dance community.
  • BC Alliance for Arts & Culture - The BC Alliance for Arts + Culture is a nonprofit provincial organization that works to advocate, inform, connect and serve BC's Creative Community. Our members include organizations, professional associations, not-for-profit groups, artists, and cultural workers throughout British Columbia.
  • Dance Ontario - a members organizations that helps promote and support the advancement of dance in Ontario in all styles and realms of the dance industry.

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