Public funding bodies in Canada often assess grant applications based on their viability, artistic merit, and impact. Impact refers to the project or organization's ability to create an impact on the applicant, other artists, communities, audiences, and its participants. Community (and impact) is an incredibly important part of producing, because you are the one who is bringing people together, and deciding on the conditions that folks will be gathering within. Also, live performance does not happen within a bubble (although sometimes it may feel that way). Smart producing is recognizing the conditions in which you are putting on a project, and responding to those conditions within the experience, the workplace, and the art. What are the ways that you can make your project more inclusive and impactful? Explore the topics below:

Land Acknowledgements

Thinking about the importance of acknowledging the lands in which we perform on and how to better understand that process.

Climate Justice in Producing Practices

Climate Justice is a personal and collective responsibility. It is not exclusively about theatre-making or art-making, but rather, it is a commitment to think critically about our values and decision-making processes in relation to the climate emergency, and the social, economic, public health, and other impacts it has on people, communities, and ecosystems globally.

Social Justice Solidarity

Use your platform to meaningfully and respectfully support causes aimed at promoting equal economic, political, and social rights and opportunities.


Ways to reflect inclusion in your production's culture, operations, and relationships.

Community Engagement

Thinking about community and what engagement can be.

Community Partnerships

Building and maintaining healthy relationships with community partners, inside and outside the arts.

Social Design

How you can begin to think about your performance outside the traditional landscape of theatre and into an online platform; how do you integrate digital platforms into your performance.

Audience Surveys and Feedback Forms

What information to ask from your audience and how to receive it.


Talkbacks are an event in and of themselves. Do you have a plan?

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