There are many activities, duties and responsibilities that fall under the "producing" category that happen outside of a production timeline. Whether you are a company of one, or part of a collective, certain elements of running your organization extend far before and long after the curtain falls. Some of those things are:


Producing considerations for making your art more accessible.


Providing formal caregiver support to establish an anti-racist and gender inclusive work environment.

Workplace Safety

Things to know about keeping the work environment safe.


Resources for addressing, responding to and preventing harassment.


What it is for and why you need it.


Awards for live performance across Canada – who's eligible, and whether it's worth applying or not.

Box Office Systems

Tools for getting your tickets in the hands of your audience.

Front of House

Keep things running smoothly before and after your show.


The people who give their time and energy to support your work.


Find out when and how this would apply to your production.

Incorporation & Non-profits

Understand the difference and which makes sense for your company.

Board of Directors

What is a board, the different types of board support, and why you may (or may not) need one?

Information Management

A list of free online tools to help you organize your projects and communicate efficiently with your team.


A list of the need-to, should probably, could maybe, and the definitely not of archiving.


Don't forget about your files - they're precious! Everything you need to know about storage.

Generative AI

There are different ways of defining AI but in simple terms, it’s about the automation of tasks that might have once required a level of human intelligence to complete.

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