Harassment is discrimination based on race, religion, sex, age, disability. It can also refer to unwelcome physical contact. Harassment is defined by the Canadian Human Rights Commission as "a form of discrimination. It involves any unwanted physical or verbal behaviour that offends or humiliates you. Generally, harassment is a behaviour that persists over time. Serious one-time incidents can also sometimes be considered harassment."


Creating a Harassment Policy

A guide on how to create your company’s own harassment and human rights policy.

Harassment Training and Educational Resources

Resources to further your education on preventing and responding to harassment.

Harassment Resources Toronto

Includes emergency services, resource centres, programs, and legal support for the GTA.

Harassment Resources Ontario and Outside Toronto

Includes emergency services, resource centres, programs, government documents, and legal support for residents of Ontario outside the GTA.

Harassment Resources Canada and Outside Ontario

Includes emergency services, resource centres and apps for Canadian residents and residents outside of Ontario.

Les ressources francophone

Les ressources francophone.

Harassment Campaigns, Movements and Petitions

Including #metoo and more

Harassment Community Responses

Recent talks, roundtables, and statements from the artistic community in response to harassment, including Generator's #UrgentExchange Who Is A Monster?