Private Funders

Additionally there are funds available set up through private foundations. These are non-profits or charities created with the primary purpose of distributing funds to unrelated individuals or organizations for a set purpose. Application to these foundations will change by the foundation and many may not a have publicly accessible process. If you eligible for a foundation's grant, the first step is to get in touch with someone at the foundation to talk about your interest in the grant. Funding in the private sector is reliant on the personal connection developed between new applicants and the representatives of the foundation.

Most foundations are administered by a small board of family members and have niche funding priorities . As such, many do not maintain websites to facilitate their grants. The best way to find potential foundations to partner with is to research funding sources of arts organizations with similar objectives to yours. Scanning websites and programs often give you a list of foundations that support an individual company. A website like CharityDir can provide background information on various foundations including board members, contact information, and past recipients of funding.

This is far from a comprehensive list of the foundations in the arts serving Toronto, Ontario, and national interests.

Foundation NameDescriptionFunds IndividualsFunds Non-profitsFunds CharitiesLink to website
Metcalf FoundationThe George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation's purpose is to enhance the effectiveness of people and organizations working together to help Canadians imagine and build a just, healthy, and creative society. Their performing arts funding initiatives are split up into internships, and changing strategic initiatives for arts organizations.X (in partnership with an organization) Xhttp://metcalffoundation.com/
Community One FoundationRainbow Grants provide funding to foster new and innovative services and programs that have a positive impact on the LGBTTIQQ2S community in the GTA, in the areas of: health and social sciences; arts and culture; research, education and advocacy.XXXhttp://communityone.ca/
Laidlaw FoundationLaidlaw Foundation invests in innovative ideas, convenes interested parties, shares its learning and advocates for change in support of young people being healthy, creative and fully engaged citizens.X  http://laidlawfdn.org/
Wuchien Michael Than FoundationThe Wuchien Michael Than Foundation was established to help address this discrepancy, with particular emphasis on the creation, development and production of new works by Asian-Canadian playwrights. Funding is divided into three categories: Phase One Development; Phase Two Development; and Production Grants.  Xhttp://www.wmtfoundation.ca/
JRG Society for the ArtsThe JRG Society provides grants to support artists with disabilities to prepare and present their work, across all artistic disciplines, sometimes through The AMY Project. JRG assists Deaf, Disabled and MAD artists to create beautiful art, pursue their goals and share their talent with the world.X  http://www.jrgsocietyforthearts.com/
The Shevchenko FoundationThe Shevchenko Foundation Grants Program supports the preservation and promotion of Ukrainian Canadian cultural heritage and the development of a flourishing Ukrainian community for the enrichment of Canada. The arts grants provide funding for a range of activities including creation of a new work, production, touring, and professional development.XXXhttps://shevchenkofoundation.com/
The McLean FoundationThe McLean Foundation provides grants to a wide range of initiatives with a significant amount reserved for arts organizations. Prospective applicants must submit a letter of inquiry before preparing a full proposal.  Xhttp://www.mcleanfoundation.ca/
The Hal Jackman FoundationThe Hal Jackman Foundation funding priorities are Arts & Culture, Creative Communities, Education, and Health & Wellness. The foundation doesn't accept unsolicited grant applications.  Xhttp://haljackmanfoundation.org/
The Chawkers FoundationThe Chawkers Foundation focuses on the environment and education. They have supported arts organizations by funding educational programming in various organizations.  Xhttps://thechawkersfoundation.org/
The George Lunan FoundationsThe George Lunan Foundation awards grants to Arts and Cultural, Educational, Environmental, Health and Welfare, Social Services and Religious organizations operating within the Province of Ontario. The Foundation is administered by the Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company and accepts online applications.  XScotia Wealth Management
SM Blair FoundationThe SM Blair Foundation aims to balance funding between arts and social programs and scientific pursuits with both sectors including a significant component of educational initiatives. Generally they prefer funding early-stage, catalyst opportunities and not large capital or ongoing operating expenses.  Xhttp://www.smblairfoundation.com
The Japan Foundation
PAJ Touring Grants help present Japanese performing arts at multiple locations in the U.S. and Canada, with an emphasis on locations outside major metropolitan areas. PAJ Collaboration Grants help Japanese and American/Canadian artists develop a new work, which will further an appreciation of Japanese culture when presented to American/Canadian audiences. The grants are made to non-profit organizations in the U.S. and Canada only.

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