Newsletters and eBlasts

Newsletters, or E-blasts are an extremely useful method in your publicity and marketing campaign to communicate with your audience base.

So, what is an eBlast? It’s a structured form of correspondence to a bulk of email addresses. The email addresses can be an ongoing mailing list you’ve accumulated from past shows or a core group of family/friend followers who support your work.

The content of the email can cover a variety of topics: updates about your season, fundraisers, crowdfunding, or your up and coming show. Most useful aspect of newsletters is that it can be a way of sending out promotional offers or ‘early bird’ deals to keep your key supporters up to date.

There are many resources that you can use to help you make a newsletter: Gmail and mail chimp are the most effective. More on them later. There are also some key DOs and DON’Ts in your email composition that will ultimately steer you to a successful ‘open rate’ from your recipients and continue to grow your reach.

Sending ineffective or irrelevant emails to people will cause them to ignore future emails and can tarnish your company's reputation. Luckily, there are ways that you can optimize writing your e-blasts so that they captivate the largest audience possible. By using best practices to write and send your email and by evaluating the progress and effectiveness of them, you'll be able to reach a much wider customer base.

Have a clear purpose and plan

Sending arbitrary, on a whim emails that may be littered with indecisive language or unconfirmed dates, venues, etc. or a general lack of design and a general overboard of useless text is going to be a flop. Make a plan during your publicity campaign for strategic times at which you might send these out. Some people use a rule of 3 + 1 thank you strategy: one to announce the show and give the initial blurb of information, another before opening reminding who is in the show and that tickets are selling fast, a third a day or two before closing that includes reviews or audience quotes that encourages them to see it before it’s gone, and lastly, a thank you for all the generous support following the show.

Each eBlast should be clear, concise, and purpose driven. How do you want your subscribers to react? Don’t bore them. People like pictures. People like video. This content will ensure you a higher click rating.

Write a simple subject line

Leave the cliches and the hooks to the spammers. You want to speak to people, and to do that be sincere and to the point. The subject line should invite the reader to some benefit or include a sense of urgency which requires action. Avoid marketing terminology like “big savings" or "free limited offer" as these subject lines are instant buzzkill to your audience; which will cause them to switch off and delete the email. If the reader doesn't know what the email is about, they are less likely to open it. Oh, and top tip: avoid excessive punctuation or CAPS LOCK letters as this can be perceived as spam.

It’s simple: sending ineffective or irrelevant emails to people will cause them to ignore future emails and can give your company and unfavourable reputation. So instead, practice! Test a few drafts on family and friends. Ask for honest feedback and fine tune from there.


You might’ve heard of the K.I.S.S. method as a design principle, this is variation. The body of your message needs to be short and sweet, and visually appealing. You want people to be delighted to open your email, and be drawn by the content as a breath of fresh air from the other messages in their mailbox.

How to use MAILCHIMP


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