Affordable and secure housing is often a significant barrier for most artists. We’ve collected a list of resources that may be helpful if you are an artist seeking housing in Canada.

Subsidized Housing for Artists

There are several non profits in Canada that provide housing opportunities specifically for artists, including Artscape, the Lakeshore Village Artists’ Housing Co-op, the Arcadia Co-op, and the Beaver Hall Artists’ Co-op, as well as the Artist Residential Tenancy Studios in Richmond, BC, and ArtsHub118 in Edmonton, AB.

Subletting/Long Term Rental Resources

Volcano Theatre’s Lava Dome: a free database of housing, equipment, venues, and workshops exclusive to members of the arts community hosted by Volcano Theatre.

Sublets for Gypsies: a facebook group INTENDED for the Canadian Performing Arts Community to find sublets across Canada and the US. There are also specific groups dedicated to cities like Toronto, Vancouver, etc.

Sublets for Nomads: A similar, smaller facebook group formed in response to the backlash surrounding the negative/problematic connotations around the group name Sublets for Gypsies

Bunz Home Zone: A facebook group to find posts for available rooms and apartments to rent in Toronto, and to post/find roommates.

For the Elderly

Performing Arts Lodge (Toronto): a charity mandated to provide affordable housing and support services to the aging, disabled, and needy members of the performing arts community. PAL also has chapters in Halifax, Ottawa, Stratford, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

This page was last updated: October 2 2018