Producing Models


If you are self-producing a production, you are responsible for securing all the resources to successfully execute your performance. You are also assuming all of the box office risk. You can find our Self-Producing Checklist here.


Don't want to do it alone? There are many different forms of producing relationships, many of them between venued and non-venued companies. For example, the 2019 production of The Election was presented by Theatre Passe Muraille in association with Nightwood Theatre and Theatre Direct. What does that mean, exactly? Sometimes, the producing terminology can be hard to decipher. 

Here are a few examples of ways you can collaborate with another organization to put on your production that will hopefully help define who is doing what:

In Association

A venued company provides free/in-kind space to the company or artist, but the work is produced autonomously. The venued company retains all or part of the box office.

In Partnership

A venued company provides free/in-kind space, and also participates in a producing and production role. The partnering company retains all or part of box office. 

Presented by

A venued company provides free/in-kind space, as well as a presentation fee to the producing company. The venued company retains all box office.


The venued company shares the risk in all aspects of production. They provide the space, as well as significant financial support, and play a producing and production role. Box office is split, often commensurate to the level of contribution from each producing partner.


One company assumes all financial and production risk. 

In Residency

A venued company provides free space to an artist or company, usually throughout a one-year period and in support of a specific project idea. Resident Artists are often provided with artistic mentorship, as well administrative and producing support.


(These definitions are based on the Theatre Centre's definitions for different types of partnership.)


Resources for Collaboration

Paul Gravett Consulting has put together a series of resources for collaborations between nonprofit arts organizations called The Art of Collaboration. Whether it's your first (or fortieth time) producing in collaboration, check them out:


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