Professional Development

Professional Development

As with any career, professional development is important for building your skill-sets, growing your expertise, and improving the quality of your productions. You may choose to enrol in a structured training program, secure a mentorship with a senior producer, or simply create a casual curriculum for yourself. The following are some professional development opportunities for producers:


Arts and Business Exchange


Theatre Ontario
Volcano Theatre - Producer’s Learning Network
Summerworks - SLIP (Toronto)
TAPA Trade Series (Toronto)
Generator (Toronto)
Koffler Centre for the Arts
TO Love-In


These programs are administered by companies or organizations to provide training and development opportunities to producers.

Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity - Leadership
Toronto Arts Council - Leaders Lab
Generator - Artist Producer Training (Toronto)
Artrepreneur (York Region Arts Council)
Dance Educators International
Artscape Daniels Launchpad

Degree and Diploma Programs

The Canadian Association of Arts Administration Educators has member institutions across Canada that provide degree and diploma programs in arts management.
Coursera offers online certificates in various different disciplines, including arts and culture, finance, business, and more.

Funding to support Professional Development

Metcalf Internships
Ontario Arts Council
Canada Council for the Arts
Theatre Ontario's Professional Theatre Training Program (PTTP)


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