Tour Funding

Funding for tours can come from various sources. The main ones are federal (the Canada Council for the Arts) and provincial (the Ontario Arts Council and Ontario Foundations). 
Below is a list of options:

The Canada Council for the Arts

With the Canada Council for the Arts (CCA), you can apply for grants for co-productions, residencies, travel, and touring. While it is highly recommended to have a three or more stop tour when applying for touring funding, it is not necessary. Sometimes International Presenters can apply for funds to support some of the costs associated with bringing you to their venue (costs that your grant is not covering already). 

The Canadian Actors Equity Association (CAEA) defines a tour stop in the Canadian Theatre Agreement as when the Theatre requires the Artist to be away from their Point of Origin, which is a forty (40) kilometre radius from the Theatre’s primary place of business address.

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage works with presenters, and supports seasons. They will help Canadian presenters bring in international colleagues and/or support presenters when they travel. In short, they do not support tours by directly funding artists; rather, their support goes directly to presenters. 

Global Affairs Canada

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) supports artists who present tours through consulates. The artists are usually chosen by the consulates, and they represent core Canadian values. There is no application process for this. These tours are often very fulfilling but very tightly scheduled, and they happen in regions where Canada is working to increase trade or cultural diplomacy.


There are Canadian consulates and missions in countries all around the world. The people working in the consulates work in those countries, whereas the staff at GAC mainly work in Ottawa. Consulates have different abilities and budgets, largely depending on if they deal with trade or policy (sometimes this can vary within a country, and from region to region). 

When planning an international tour, or when travelling in order to network, always get in touch with the consulate where you want to go. Sometimes they can provide support with receptions, or cover costs for travel, accommodation, and so forth.

Provincial Funding

Travel funding varies from province to province. Below is a non-exhaustive list of potential funding opportunities for provincial residents.

British Columbia

Tours within the province: In-Province Arts Touring & Circulation (B.C. residents only)
National & International: Touring Initiatives (individuals must have been B.C. residents for 12 months prior to an application)


Travel grants for travel outside of Alberta: Travel Grant for Individuals and Ensembles (individuals must be Albertan residents for 12 months prior to an application)


General tour support: Tour Support Grant (individuals must have filed an income tax return in Saskatchewan in the year preceding the year of requested funding)


Within Manitoba: Share - Tour Grants Program (for artists and organizations touring across Manitoba)


Visit our Provincial Funding page for a full summary of Ontario funding streams.
Local, national and international: Touring Projects (for Ontario-based practitioners)


Travel outside of Québec: Circulation hors Québec
Within Québec: Bourse de circulation d'oeuvres au Québec

New Brunswick

There is no specific touring program in place, but for general arts grants visit this page: Grant Programs (individuals must have been New Brunswick resident for 12 months prior to an application)

Nova Scotia

There is no dedicated touring program but for general arts grants visit this page: Programs (individuals must have been Nova Scotia resident for 12 months prior to an application)

Prince Edward Island

"Dissemination" grants are available: Arts Grants program (individuals must have a PEI address as primary residence for 12 consecutive months)

Newfoundland and Labrador

Funds for travel inside or outside of the province: Professional Artists' Travel Fund (supporting travel costs for artists or groups invited to take part in unexpected activities that will enhance their careers)


Touring Outside of Yukon: Touring Artist Fund (TAF) (individuals must have lived in the Yukon for one continuous year before applying)

Northwest Territories

General arts project funding, which might include travel: Small Arts Project Grant, Medium Arts Project Grant, and Large Arts Project Grant (individuals have been a resident of the NWT for 2 years prior to the deadline)


This program can including touring: Community Tourism and Cultural Industries Program (Nunavut residents only)

Other Funding Resources



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