Tech Rider

The Technical Rider

Your tech rider is a very important tool before and during your tour. Make sure you have your technical director or a technician familiar with the production write it, or at least go over it with you. It gives prospective presenters a good sense of what it will require to make your show a technical success. It should include:

Show Info

Include the title of the show, the creator of the show, and the producing company. It is also helpful at the top to include running time and any audience considerations (e.g. content warnings, TYA - age range etc).


State desire for flexibility, part of engagement contract.


Who is the person to contact with technical questions? Who is the person to contact with booking questions?

Stage & audience requirements

How big of a playing area do you need? Remember to consider height clearance as well.
Does your show work best on an elevated stage?
Do you require a crossover? Do you require specific exits? Do you require minimum space in the wings?
What is the ideal audience size or capacity for your show? What configuration should the audience be in?
Does your show require the audience seating to be raked?

Set & technical

What are you bringing with you? How will it be arriving (i.e. freight, excess baggage, in the van with the company)?
What will need to be sourced locally?
How much space will everything take up?

Props & costumes

Will the presenter need to provide any props? What are the laundry needs for the show?
Will the presenter need to provide local props or wardrobe personnel to assist with the performances?

Lighting (can include plot)

Include a list of the instruments you require to execute the lighting design on tour.
Will you travel with your lighting designer?
Do you require the plot to be pre-hung before your company arrives?


What equipment are you bringing with you? What equipment do you need the presenter to provide?
What special considerations need to be made for sound?

Personnel and set-up (tech time)

How many technicians are needed for your load-in, tech, and run?
What skill-sets must they have? Lighting, audio/visual, carpentry, etc.

Drawings and inventory

Do you have CAD drawings of the set and/or performance space configuration?
Can you provide a list of all the items that will be travelling with the production? Especially if they are arriving by freight to the venue separate from the traveling company.

Sample production schedule

Can you load-in, tech, and open on the same day? How much time do you require between performances?
How long do you need to strike? Can your production run in rep with another?

Dressing room and hospitality

How many dressing rooms will you need? What items do you require in the dressing room?
Clothing rack, sink, shower, iron, kettle?

Accessibility, sleeping accommodations and parking

Do your company members have distinct needs in their sleeping accommodations? Accessibility needs, non-smoking room, single occupancy, double occupancy?
Are you travelling with a vehicle that will require parking at the venue? At the sleeping accommodations?

Things to consider

You want to represent the ideal conditions for you to do your show with your Tech Rider. However, every venue is different and every presenter has different resources available to them. Try working with your presenter to solve any issues they have meeting the conditions of your rider. Be flexible and adaptable when negotiating your technical rider, but keep it realistic. Have someone who is knowledgeable about the technical requirements of the show confirm any proposed changes to the rider. Make sure any changes made agreeably by both parties are documented in writing as a part of the presentation contract.


A list of technical requests which can be used as a guideline when preparing a tech rider.

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