Land Acknowledgements

Land Acknowledgements recognize the original caretakers of these lands and waterways as a verbal confirmation of an ongoing relationship with the stewards of this place, past, present and future. They are personal declarations and works in progress. There is no right or wrong way to acknowledge land.

Some resources on how to make a land acknowledgment:



Central Canada:

Western Canada:

Speak to an elder

Discord and Discussion

Many people have many things to say about land acknowledgements. Here are some additional readings to show the wide range of thinking:


We've started a Land Acknowledgement Video Series where artists and companies share their land acknowledgement and the process behind them in the hopes of generating conversation, listening and learning together.

We encourage you to share with us too! Send us:

1. Footage/a recording of your land acknowledgment
2. Your responses to the interview questions
to contributions @ generatorto .com to join in sharing, listening and learning from the community!

Further Reading and Training

For Indigenous Artists

Indigenous Artist Associations

  • Aboriginal Curatorial Collective / Collectif des commissaires autochtones (ACC/CCA) is a national arts service organization that supports, promotes and advocates on behalf of Canadian and international Aboriginal curators, critics, artists and representatives of arts and cultural organizations.
  • Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (IPAA) is a multifaceted organization with geographically and artistically diverse Indigenous performing artists, arts organizations and our allies.
  • National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition’s (NIMAC) priority is to support, promote, and advocate for Indigenous media artists and arts organizations within the context of Canadian media arts practices. NIMAC is a permanent region within the structure of the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) – a non-profit national organization working to advance the media arts community in Canada and representing 80+ independent media arts organizations across the country. NIMAC acts as the Indigenous arm of the IMAA.

Smudging Document

IPAA created this Smudging Document to facilitate the relationship between Indigenous performing artists and venues around the protected practice of burning traditional medicines as it relates to the performing arts.

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