International Touring

There are specific considerations for touring across borders, whether you are presenting in a festival, or planning on a multi-stop tour. There are also many opportunities for Canadian artists to present their work abroad.

International Festivals

International: Prague Quaddrennial (International)
New York: International Society for the Performing Arts
Seattle: Western Arts Alliance
United States (location changes annually): Theatre Communications Group National Conference

Find a list of Canadian Presenting Festivals that are internationally attended here.

International Networks

Below is a list of some of the markets and networks around the world for international touring. If you have more questions please reach out to dani@fascinatoramanagement.com.

United Kingdom:
The House network, Festival networks (Brighton Festival, Fierce Festival, MAYK/Mayfest), Future Art Centres (artsdepot, Cambridge Junction, The Albany, Stockton Arts Centre, Art Centres

Informal European Theatre Meeting (IETM), Avignon, Edinburgh Fringe, Noordezon (Norway)

Performing Arts Market Seoul (PAMS), Tokyo Performing Arts Market (TPAM), Shanghai Performing Arts Fair (SPAF)

Latin America:
There isn’t a very formalized network in Colombia. Other Latin American hubs are Chile (Santiago a mil) and Mexico (Cervantino Festival)

Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM), Fringe Festivals (curated) Festival networks (Every major city has a Festival, such as the Sydney Festival, the Darwin Festival and the Adelaide Festival)

Pickle Factory, QTP

Visas & Immigration

Every country has different restrictions. When talking to a presenter, ask about visas and immigration very early on in your negotiation process. Sometimes the Festivals have a staff member to support your application, sometimes Festival artists are exempt from Visas, but sometimes Visas can be very time consuming and costly (aka going to the states). It can be worth it to invest in professional help for more complicated visa application processes.

Baird Artist Management has created a BAM! Complete Guide to Entering the United States to Perform: A Step by Step Guide for Foreign Artists, breaking down the visa application process from start to finish.

Travelling with Musical Instruments

The BAM! Complete Guide to Musical Instruments Across Borders guide is designed to assist touring artists in getting their musical instruments across borders. Its focus is North America but artists in other parts of the world will need to be familiar with CITES and dealing with CITES and, if they tour North America, will find this Guide useful.


A guide to taxation in the United States for foreign artists


More to come...


More to come...

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