International Touring

International Funding Opportunities

On the Move has a listing for international funding opportunities world-wide

International Festivals

International Presenting Festivals

New York: International Society for the Performing Arts
Seattle: Western Arts Alliance
United States (location changes annually): Theatre Communications Group National Conference

Find a list of Canadian Presenting Festivals that are internationally attended here.

Travel Funding

On the Move's page on 'Funding opportunities for cultural mobility' consolidats information and tips on how and where to find funding for your mobility as an artist, a cultural professional and/or a cultural organisation for countries around the globe.


More to come...


Baird Artist Management has created a BAM! Complete Guide to Entering the United States to Perform: A Step by Step Guide for Foreign Artists, breaking down the visa application process from start to finish.


More to come...

Travelling with Musical Instruments

The BAM! Complete Guide to Musical Instruments Across Borders guide is designed to assist touring artists in getting their musical instruments across borders. Its focus is North America but artists in other parts of the world will need to be familiar with CITES and dealing with CITES and, if they tour North America, will find this Guide useful.


A guide to taxation in the United States for foreign artists

Ways of working

More to come...

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