Artist Life

Topics that fall under Artist life:

Mental Health

A list of organizations in Toronto, the services they provide, links and contact information that can help in relieving some of the stress artists may be experiencing.

Health Care

Information on health care plans and other resources for taking care of your physical well-being.

Self Care for Artists

Some thoughts, principles and resources on self care for artists.


Resources for artists looking for affordable childcare options and affordable and secure housing.

Personal Finance & Planning

Things to know about managing your finances while working as an artist producer.

Income Tax

How to prepare for filing your taxes in Canada as a self-employed artist.

Professional Development

Existing opportunities for professional development as an artist producer.

Finding Work

Resources for artists looking for employment, auditions, and other tips and tricks for finding work in the performing arts.

Artist Statements

Guidelines and exercises to create a statement that help others understand what matters to you as an artist.

Finding A Mentor

A step-by-step guide to helping you find a mentor. Including personal reflections and resources.

Communicating and Requesting Accessibility

Outlining how and what to ask for in access needs for an Artist

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