Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC) is incorporated federally as a non-profit corporation that considers itself the national voice of Canada’s professional visual artists. As a non-profit association and a National Art Service Organization, their mandate is to promote the visual arts in Canada, to promote a socio-economic climate that is conducive to the production of visual arts in Canada, and to conduct research and engage in public education for these purposes.

As a performing artist, you should pay attention to three of CARFAC's resources and programs:

Speaking engagement fees

CARFAC has set minimum rates for speaking engagements (presentations and consultations).

Presentations include giving a lecture about an artist’s own work or any area of expertise associated with the work or one’s life as an artist; participating on a panel, roundtable, or informal Q&A; leading workshops or tours; speaking to school groups, and so on. While speaking engagement may be well under four hours, the overall event that the artist is asked to attend is often much longer, and these kinds of presentations often take a significant amount of time to prepare, and this is accounted for in their rates.

Consultation means the giving of advice, input, or opinions that might be associated with project development, exhibitions, or commissions concerning the artist’s own production, or participation in a consultative process concerned with, for example, policy development in the cultural arena.

Check out their website for the most up-to-date minimum rate fee schedule.

Filmed screenings and presentations

CARFAC also has Minimum Recommended Fee Schedule for artist royalties related to media arts screenings and audio presentations. This can be applied to digital presentations of live performance works.

These royalties are based on two criteria: duration of the work screened/presented and whether the presenting organization’s annual operating budget is under or over $100K. These royalties apply to non-live presentations of audio works. There are fee guidelines specific to touring productions and educational use of media artworks which can also be referenced.

Check out their website for the most up-to-date minimum rate fee schedule.

Resource Hub

CARFAC has a resource hub similar to ArtistProducerResource.com specifically geared towards Visual Artists called Tools for Artists, with resources on copyright for Visual Artists, exhibiting outside of Canada, and much more.


CARFAC has extensive resources on Artist Taxation that is specific to Visual Artists.

CARFAC Branches

CARFAC has a national office, with several branches that operate across the country. They are:

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