Production Management

Production management can mean a few different things. The corporate definition of "production management" is the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of production activities. There is also a division of labour in theatre called "production management," which is a subdivision of stagecraft. The production management team is responsible for realizing the visions of the producer and the director or choreographer within constraints of technical possibility.

When we say production management, we are referring to the key elements and activities that are related to putting up a project — whether that be a workshop reading, a festival presentation, or a full-scale production. This is different than year-round, operational activities like managing your Board of Directors, or information management, because those elements are not intrinsic to the delivery of your project. Think of operations as the things involved in maintaining your house (paying rent, getting renter's insurance, etc.), and production management as the things involved when you throw a party at your house (buying decorations, sending invitations, setting the date)!

Some key production management elements are:


On choosing the right time to produce your project, and managing your tasks using the critical path method.


The various departments on your production and its members.

Auditions and Casting

How to plan for and what to expect when preparing to host an audition.


What you need to keep track of now that you've made it this far.


An opportunity to develop work in another organization’s space.


Best practices for working with and in your venue.

Production Supplies & Rental

Tips and leads for things you'll need.


When you need them and how to get them.

Producing in a Festival

A list of things to consider and think about when entering and producing in a festival.

Producing a Play for Podcast

Digital media opens up exciting new avenues for artists to create and distribute work, but also creates its own set of producing considerations. Find them here.

Live Streaming an Event

How to creatively broadcast audio and video directly to your audience in real-time from anywhere using the internet.

Producing Outdoors

Considerations and information for producing live performance and events outdoors.

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