The American Federation of Musicians

The American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM) helps thousands of musicians who need assistance with any number of issues related to the recording and performing of their craft. They have specialized services including immigration, media recordings, symphonic and theatrical matters, touring, freelance musicians and membership services, contract negotiations and administration, royalty streams, and more. The union helps its membership take advantage of all career opportunities and optimize the level of their professional working environment.

The Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM) division operates out of the AFM. The CFM negotiates, administers, and enforces contract agreements for musicians participating in theatrical events and productions. More information can be found here

You can book musicians for your production easily through the CFM. Here is a full list of booking agents across Canada certified by the union standards for musicians: PDF document of Booking Agents across Canada

Want to contact a CFM representative about union questions for musicians for your production? Here is a comprehensive list of local contacts all across Canada: CFM Contact

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