Toronto Musicians Association


The Toronto Musicians' Association (TMA), Local 149 of the Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM) and American Federation of Musicians (AFM) is the professional association for musicians in the Greater Toronto Area. Founded in 1887, the Toronto Musicians' Association received the charter as the Toronto area Local of the AFM on June 15, 1901.


Membership in this organization includes a fee and proof that one is a working professional in music. The membership is open to musicians living and working in The Greater Toronto Area.

The TMA is member driven and represents professional musicians in all facets of music in the Greater Toronto Area. You will hear the music of its members in concert halls, theatres, clubs, at private parties, on the radio, television, in film and other recordings.

Fees & Rates

TMA does not publish standard rates for musicians online, but they can be accessible by calling in and speaking with a representative.

The Toronto Musicians’ Association (TMA) is the bargaining agent for professional musicians, like Canadian Actors’ Equity Association (CAEA) is for theatre artists. According to the TMA, musician is defined as any and all of the following titles: instrumental musicians, musical director/conductors, assistant conductors, associate conductors, arrangers, orchestrators, contractors, copyists, and librarians.

The association will negotiate what is called a General Theatre Agreement (GTA) for any Theatre Company or Producer that wishes to engage with a TMA member.


Similar to CAEA, the TMA requires information about the production such as venue, house capacity, ticket price, and length of run. At the start of the negotiation, you will be required to:

  1. Sign a Letter of Adherence to the GTA
  2. Submit a completed House Category Questionnaire (for each production)

A Not-For-Profit Theatre Production will operate under the Category as assigned by the Association. Once an agreement has been reached, the Theatre Company/Producer will be expected to:

  • Submit a Letter of Credit or Security Agreement
  • Sign and execute a Form CA1 contract that outlines:
    • An agreement that the engagement will not be in conflict with the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) by-laws
    • Terms and duration of employment
    • Fee schedule for services rendered (plus HST where applicable, a mandatory 11% of musicians basic fee will be paid into the Musicians Pension Fund, and 3% of the musician’s basic fees will be deducted bi-weekly and sent to AFM Local)
    • Working conditions, responsibilities, and expectations of both parties involved
    • Procedures involving Conflict Resolution
    • Termination Clause

For more information, visit: www.torontomusicians.org